Mother Goose




December 2017 saw the most recent magical pantomime, Mother Goose, come to life in Exton Village Hall.

The story begins with talk of a battle between Night and Day. That is Fairy Day (Pat Cusa) and Demon Night (Rob Hatton). Demon Night is determined to prove that all humans are vain and greedy but as Fairy Day comments “good always wins, that’s just common sense!” Not to be put of, Demon Night challenges Fairy Day to a battle in the land of mortals, with the loser to fly away!

Meanwhile, in the little village of Eidertown where Mother Goose (Les Richards) and her two sons Jack (Rachel Feeny-Williams) and ‘Silly’ Billy (Rachel Pattison) work tirelessly with the help of their goose, Priscilla (Chris Hoar) to raise money for their rent without success. The greedy and nasty Squire Blackheart (Dustin Sanders) is raising the villagers rents and threatening eviction notices, much to the dismay of his neice (and Jack’s girlfriend) Jill (Hannah Edwards).

The squire’s two bumbling bailiffs, Biff (Brian Wood) and Bash (Sean Murphy) are soon sent to Mother Goose’s cottage to collect but Priscilla has other ideas, chasing them off with a peck on the bum! Despite being poor, Mother Goose still shows her heart of gold by allowing Sally The Goose Girl (Annabel Pagliero) and her gang of orphans to stay with them when they have no where to go.

As a reward for her kindness, Fairy Day casts a spell on Priscilla, allowing her to lay golden eggs, much to the family’s delight. However, its not long before the greedy squire has his eye on the golden eggs and even proposes to Mother Goose to get them. Even worse, Demon Night soon hatches (pun not intended) a plot to get Mother Goose to part with her precious goose in exchange for eternal youth and beauty.

Meanwhile, Mother Goose has ventured to Madam Fifi’s (Gloria McGinty) Beauty Parlor, where she summons her professional make up artists Trinny (Sharon Pagliero) and Susannah (Karen Hammond) to perform a three minute makeover on Mother Goose. The girls soon realise they are not up to the challenge and leave Mother Goose in Demon Night’s clutches.

The wicked Demon then lures Mother Goose to the Magic Well where she (caught in a moment of weakness) makes the trade. Chaos then ensues resulting in both Jill and Priscilla being kidnapped.

However, our brave characters are soon after him and happily ever after arrives in Jack being pronounced King of Gooseland by Queen Goosey-Goosey (Gloria McGinty) and King Gander (Pete Chubb)!

Not only did we have an amazing cast of adults and children alike but we also have several wonderful musical numbers, beautiful sets and even a hot air balloon!

This production also saw the retirement of our amazing Musical Director, Trevor Perkins!

Please find the full cast list, as well as a the lovely review from the Woodbury News,  some lovely pictures!


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