Hay Fever

Spring of 2013 brought the Noel Coward classic, Hay Fever to Exton’s stage. Directed by John Sharples, Hay Fever tells the story of a weekend in the delightful, if somewhat chaotic household of the Bliss Family.

The story takes place in the glamorous main room of the Bliss Household, consisting of the elegant Judith Bliss (Emma Blasdale), her literary husband David (Simon Bolt), their artistic and slightly synical son Simon (Tom Alford) and their catty daughter Sorel (Rachel Feeny-Williams). Their house maid Clara (Gloria McGinty) despairs as she learns that guests are to descend on the household.

The visitors consist of the young, if somewhat bashful Sandy Tyrrell (Dustin Sanders), the literary marvel Richard Greatham (Kevin Butler) and two ‘intriguing’ ladies Myra Arundel (Marnie Pyne) and Jackie Coryton (Sophie Pillow). While initially this may appear no different to any other house party things soon turn ugly over an after dinner game.

More peculiar still, each guest that was invited by one family member ends up with another family members attentions focused on them, including a kiss on the sofa between Judith and Richard, and a rendezvous in the library between Sandy and Sorrell.

In the end the guests decide they can take it no longer as they flee in the early morning, much to the dismay of their hosts.

In addition to a stunning set and costumes, the play is full of witty dialogue between the characters that keeps the pace of these chaotic events flowing swiftly.

Please find the full cast list and pictures below.

Hay fever

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