Proof of the Posion

For their first production of 2018, Exton Drama Club by Falkland Cary. The 5th, 6th and 7th of April saw the beautiful main room of the Sanderson household open up to audiences. However, not all was sweetness and light, as our audience soon discover.

No sooner had you been introduced to the characters (outlined) below then the sinister reality of Mr James Sanderson’s death was revealed and everyone came under suspicion:


Kate Wilson (James Sanderson’s step daughter) – Rachel Feeny-Williams

Robert Boyd (Kate’s fiance) – Les Richards

Nina Cooper (James Sanderson’s step daughter) – Jenny Bolt

Hector Sanderson (James Sanderson’s brother) – Rob Hatton

Helen Traynor (James Sanderson’s secretary & Hector’s wife) – Rebecca Roach

Agatha Dominic (James Sanderson’s aunt) – Ann Hacking

Mr Luce (Family solictor) – Brian Wood

Mary Whitfield (Family Domestic Help) – Emma Blasdale

Inspector Harvis – Simon Bolt

Directed by Hilary Hoar & Pat Cusa

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The backwards and forwards of suspects being pulled into the limelight certainly kept the audience guessing but in the end it was Nina Cooper who was led away in cuffs. Multiple compliments were received following the production and I think it can be safe to say that all agreed it to be a very well put together piece, leaving the audience guessing right to the end.

Please enjoy the pictures of the production above.

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