The Sound of Murder

Friday 23rd June saw Exton Drama Club take to the Marquee once more for another Murder Mystery ‘The Sound of Murder’. The Drama Club were determined to have their rehearsal for their upcoming production of The Sound of Music despite the apparent double booking of their rehearsal space.


As the rehearsal unfolded, it became apparent that there were animosities between the groups ‘Star’ Julie Anders (Rachel Feeny-Williams) and everyone else in the group, and for good reason!


The audience very quickly joined the side of the rest of the group as they watched Julie, mock, belittle and enjoy the suffering of her other group members. It was no real surprise to anyone when she was found murdered in the cellar. The only real question was, who did it?


With the help of Inspector Foot (John Sharples) and Seargent Inch (Brian Wood), the audience were charged with the task of questioning the various suspects. Although all had their reasons for wanting Julie gone:

Martha (Anne Hacking) – A fellow aspiring actress but constantly condemned by Julie (due to her keeping the society in the black)

Aggie (Jenny Bolt) – Julie’s sister who has never seen eye to eye with her since an event 18 years ago.

Eadie (Rachel Pattison) – A member of the drama group who professes her love for Aggie but makes the mistake of allowing Julie to know it!

Andrea (Gloria McGinty) – The Musical Director of the society who hold Julie responsible for suggesting to her husband he could have a better life away from Andrea.

Sarah Snoop (Pat Cusa) – The Caretaker of the hall the group rehearse in. Julie has made it her mission to get Mrs Snoop fired, frequently going behind her back to her superiors.

Stephanie Spielberg (Lynn Dunning) – The Director of the society, condemned to local theatre after Julie is revealed to be the one who has been restricting her access to working in the big time.

Although a conspiracy was suggested at one point, it was eventually guessed by three of the table groups and guilty party (Eadie) taken into custody. This, coupled with some lovely singing by both Jenny Bolt and Ivy Dyer as well as Violin my Emily Pattison, made the evening a rousing success.


The show as a whole (as well as the delectable supper provided by The Puffing Billy) was a lovely evening and greatly enjoyed by all.


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