Curtain Up

DSCF1608 - Copy

March 2016 saw the first collaboration of Directorship in the form of Lynn Dunning and Pat Cusa directing Curtain Up.

The events unfold in a derelict theatre. We learn at the beginning of the play that Michael has left equal shares in the theatre to each of the women in his life. His daughter Theresa (Rachel Feeny-Williams), his ex-wife Pam (Emma Blasdale), his ‘Executive Assistant’ Sharon (Hilary Hoar), his mother Betty (Gloria McGinty) and his current girlfriend Jackie (Jenny Bolt) then set out tirelessly to save the theatre resulting in Pam performing as Liza Minelli.

Great fun was had by both cast and audiences alike in this production and in this case confirmed that two heads are better than one when those heads belong to Lynn & Pat!


Theresa – Rachel Feeny-Williams

Pam – Emma Blasdale

Sharon – Hilary Hoar

Betty – Gloria McGinty

Jackie – Jenny Bolt

Stevey – John Sharples

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