Setting Places


Sarah – Jenny Bolt

Jack – Marc Kilsbie

Chris/Fabio – Kieran McGarry

Laura – Rachel Feeny-Williams


Prompt: Lynn Dunning/Christine Cottam/Pat Cusa

Props: Lynn Dunning/Christine Cottam/Pat Cusa

Lights & Sound: Simon Bolt & Ashley Dyer

Almost a year and a half after her first original script ‘Murder is the Thing’ came to Exton’s stage, Rachel Feeny-Williams is at it again with another original comedy script as part of ‘An Evening of Light Entertainment’. The play was very well received over the three nights, as is evident by the below critique from Ian Attiwell.

On Saturday evening I visited Exton Drama Club to see their performance of ‘Setting Places.’ We were highly entertained. This was the first run of an original play, written by one of the cast. It concerns a small dinner party and the trials and tribulations of having entirely the wrong guests. The hostess, Sarah, had invited her sister Laura, and Sarah’s husband Jack had invited a work friend. Then Jack changed the game entirely by inviting Laura’s ex husband Chris, instead. Being a normal bloke Jack did not tell Sarah. A recipe for disaster for them and a good laugh for us. And it’s all Jack’s fault.
What a hoot it was when the ex husband Chris was hurriedly dressed and made up, complete with droopy false moustache, to be introduced as ‘Fabio’ the interior designer. His Italian accent was pure slapstick and perfect for the play. We were not at all surprised when Laura seemed to be falling for Fabio, despite hating her ex husband! There were many funny twists and turns to the plot, making for an excellent evening’s entertainment.

The set was simple and effective, making good use of the limited space in this tiny but much loved local theatre.

When the ladies were leading the dialogue the play crackled along beautifully, but there were a just few little hesitations with Jack. He kept going, however, no prompt was required and his stage presence carried him through. Fabio seemed entirely happy romping along in pidgin Italian, or was it Spanish. The audience loved him. In fact they loved the whole thing.

So, well done Exton, the basic tenet of any show is to please your audience and you definitely pleased us.

Well done also to Les Richards, who entertained us with jokes and anecdotes after the curtain came down on ‘Setting Places’. With the auditorium arranged ‘Cafe Style’ we happily munched our cheese and biscuits and drank our wine while enjoying Les and his confident delivery of many awful but hilarious jokes and stories, drawn from a seemingly endless fund.

Yes, a great night out. Sincerest thanks and Well Done to all involved.

Ian Attiwell

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